Phil Marsh has a huge image collection.  He started photography in 1965 and over the last decade or so has collected images dating from the dawn of photography - 150 years ago. These are railway images but often contain great glimpses of social history from around the world. Subjects away from railways include, coast, landscape, wildlife, Harry Potter filming, the worlds top rock bands and people. He has scanned  over 20,000 images over the last few years at high resolution and they have been featured on all the main TV channels.


He has a huge East West Rail, Wolverton Works and Royal Train archive available plus thousands of never before seen images from the last 750 days of mainline UK steam taken by his late brother Geoff Marsh commercially available.





google-icon facebook-icon pinterest-icon twitter-icon 1 1863 A posed shot of the new Met Line train with 1 1867 opposite Broad Sanctuary Tothill Street westminster copyright Phil Marsh p 1994-05-18 sotm 69523 on test run into sunset Phil 2  dec 2008 ventnor sunset 004 1 c

Images from the 1860s available The Southeastern Club train at Tonbridge, loading the Royal Mails at Plymouth onto a GWR service and St Pancras 80 years ago. Also the Met Line in 1863 and 130 years later. With a taste of Harry Potter at Glenfinnan to complete the selection.

Phil Marsh was delighted to be

asked to be the Harry Potter photographer at Glenfinnan.

This is Bletchley Flyover being deconstructed. The only photographer invited on-site in May 2020 by the project team. The massive crane is below.

2 29 sept 2008 east cliff iow_18 1985-07-13 Live Aid status quo283

Its only rock and roll - Phil Marsh has been taking gig images for 40 years...

1985-07-13 Live Aid bowie 048 1991-02- clapton albert hall134a 1975 canton 37114 46030 45107 p 1977 1005 western paddingtonxx 1977 1005 western paddingtonxx 1976-09 inverness kyle mallaig764cxx

Many BR 'blue' era images are available. Also very historic and rare images such as Scots Guardsman at York on the Olympic Torch train and on strike duty a century ago. Aslo from 1967, the last steam services in the northeast and in London, on the southern serving Waterloo taken by Geoff Marsh. Battle of Britain Class engines Spitfire and Biggin Hill are here. And boy meets girl at Salisbury..... A lucky shot or posed? Not posed but a little lucky!


1976-10 doncaster works 37xx IMG_7798 2016-06-06 wolverton royal departing trespassers d

Wildlife and nature images are also in the library.

1947-11 lner mag electric loco 26000 on harwich zebrugge ferry ferry for tests 1899 gcr page hi res0 feb 1899cleaned 1976 ian drury stiff tour aylesbury219 1997-09-01 padbury poo tent marsden ruby turner 594 1936 st pancras ariel view horse and steam 1900 GWR mails at Plymouth loaded onto train lr 1900 Southeastern Club Train Tonbridge lr 2017-01-20 willen lake milton keynes phil Marsh 07 IMG_2481 2017-08-10 bee pollen Phil Marsh Southern Hawker hatching 07810 556252 173 2012-06-20 olympic train copyright phil marsh  07810 556252 183 tweet1911-08-18 Strike soldiers GWRlr tyne dock 66 roundhouse scan 6 21 aug 2007 186 spitfire nine elms 34066 geoffs negs 16 aug 2007 scan010 waterloo biggin hi scan 2011-11-10 63395 65894 j27 sunderland020 28 april 2004 054 clive and driveress

Learn how to take that 'lucky' shot - or is it really luck? How to make your luck and how to 'see' a picture when others around you cannot.

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